Rudder S.A.M.
Jason has an ability to quickly understand what it is that you require from a real world viewpoint and then is able to process that with a database perspective and produce real outcomes. Being honest and hard working with the ability to think outside the box, he is a consultant that quickly becomes part of the team and as such is a dedicated member striving for the best possible results while understanding and working within time and cost restraints. This is all done with integrity without over promising the unrealistic which is why we will continue to use him into the future.
Energy Advice
We contacted Jasmatuph Creations in early 2006 to take over the maintenance and modification of our existing access databases. These systems are the backbone of our operation, so it is essential that they are running without issues at all times. Jasmatuph Creations have been very reliable in handling our requests quickly and to spec. As well as this, they have also built us a number of new databases to manage and streamline the growth of our business. We are very happy with Jasmatuph Creations' service and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them in the future.
Victorian Extension Design
After my first initial meeting with Jason it was clear he had a complete and comprehensive knowledge of database creation, management and implementation. We had a fairly unique project to implement; it was to integrate data from our Quickbooks accounting software with an existing excel spread sheet database. To create various reports, tables and letters. Jason had never used the driver to extract the data from Quickbooks nor was he familiar with the data and tables collected from Quickbooks. But Jason had no trouble in creating a database that extracted the right vales from Quickbooks and combining the data from the excel spread sheet to create estimated and actual project reports. This was a complex and detailed process to extract the right data and have it report correctly. Through this whole process I have found Jason to be prompt, reliable, detailed and completely professional in his approach to our project. We have a number of future projects for Jason and we look forward to a continuing business relationship
Createl Publishing
We contracted Jasmatuph Creations in late 2009 to commence work on a commercial database using Microsoft Access to create an electronic version of our teacher's diaries. In working with Jason, he was able to take the basic specifications of the design brief and create a vision for the end product. Jason has worked with us in stages in programming of the software. This has allowed us to monitor and test that the software meet our requirements throughout the build process.

We have been impressed with Jason's speed, practicality, flexibility and problem solving abilities throughout the development of the software. More importantly, he made sure we were happy with the progress before moving onto the next stage. This saved both time and ensured the software development keep to its original brief. We will continue to work with Jason on the software as this is an ongoing project. Overall, I would highly recommend Jasmatuph to an prospective database client.
Emergency Technical Services Pty Ltd
We contracted Jasmatuph Creations in late 2014 to help us migrate our main excel spreadsheets into an online application that could be accessed from in the office and out on the road. With just one 2 hour meeting and copies of the excel files Jason was able to create a robust system, which now performs 10 times better than the previous system and with greater control over the data. The need for compatibility with tablets and bigger text and buttons was performed and is currently being utilized in the field. We will definitely require Jason to perform upgrades in the near future.
Cadcam Orthotics
We contacted Jasmatuph Creations after another company took us for a ride. Jason delivered twice as many features at twice the quality for half the price of the previous developers. Jason was always prompt on responding to emails and phone calls, and continued to offer clean and efficent solutions to our problems. We will definitely be using Jason for any new projects in the future.
Remote Rhythm Management
Jason's knowledge and expertise improved the design and functionality of a unique database for implantable cardiac devices. Initial and subsequent face to face meetings meant the ideas I had were clearly conveyed and reflected in the database code. Testing as well as modification of the database during the construction process resulted in a system built from specifications that were initially only ideas
Beat Broker
Jasmatuph Creations has played an integral role in the day to day running and on going growth of Beat Broker for the past ten years. The database management system they created for us not only brought immediate structure to the business, but allowed us to protect our intellectual assets. Being a public relations business with hundreds of incoming and outgoing interactions every day and many projects on the go at various stages, it became imperative to have a system in place. Jason worked with us to ascertain exactly what we needed, devised the system, taught us how to use it and along the way has expanded it as we have grown. Running my business now without the database would be like going back to using a fax machine instead of email. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.
Common Equity Housing Loans
Our company ordered tailored software from Jasmatuph Creation. Not only is this software meeting our expectations, it is fully optimized by our traders, accountants and operators. Our software is continuously updated with new versions and the prompt service provided by Jasmatuph Creation is very satisfactory. We have been working with Jasmatuph Creations for four years and we hope to have the opportunity to be working for the longest period possible.
Lucy's Table
I recently had a database installed by Jasmatuph creations and have found it extremely useful. I no longer have to manually create reports or research the data, as it can simply be done for me with ease therefore saving me time and energy. By having access to this data, I am able to easily see what marketing is working and save money on unsuccessful advertising. Overall I am extremely happy with the product provided by Jasmatuph Creations.