PC Password Keeper Lite
PC : 2014.10.23
Stores all of your passwords in one simple to use database. Application , Account Name, E-mail Address and Password. Can't remember (lost?) your passwords for websites, video stores, telephone banking etc. By default all passwords are hidden and can only be unlocked with the MASTER password (master password=jasmatuph).
Asset Management
PC (Access 2003 or higher required) : 2002.10.01
Stores information on all of your assets. Description, Date of Purchase, Asset Type, Purchase Location, Asset Location as well as enabling a tracking system to see when and where an item has been. Includes a report to print out for your house insurance company. A quick search engine allows you to find an asset or person very quickly. This and heaps more!
Golf Tracker
PC (Access 2003 or higher required) : 2004.10.01
For those keen Golf enthusiasts who like to keep track of their scores. This restricted version only allows 4 players and 4 different golf courses to be used. It allows infinite rounds of golf to be entered and provides an easy to update ladder. Each players profile includes the scores for the last 5 rounds, best 9/18 holes of golf, worst 9/18 holes of golf and your current putting average.
ITunes Artwork Extractor
PC : 2009.06.01
This application works in conjuction with ITunes to go through all your downloaded Artwork from the ITunes software and save it as individual files. There is an option to alter the save name preference. Artist/Album with spacing character -/_. This will save you hours of time.
Adobe Time Quick Recorder
PC (Access 2003 or higher required) : 2002.10.01
This unqiue product takes information recorded in the provided EXCEL template and creates a PDL File. A PDL file is a file used in Adobe Premiere to allow quick recording of footage from a connected video camera. This is great for clients who know what they want to record but don't want to pay for a professional to spend time with them recording all of the footage. The client simply fills in the excel spreadsheet with the start and end times. They present it to you, you convert it using this program and then open it in Adobe Premiere and before your know it all of the footage is recorded. A great time saver!
MS Access MDW Reconnector
PC (Access 2003 or higher required) : 2010.10.01
Easy way to connect and disconnect to any MS Access MDW file on your machine.
Musosis Music Player
PC : 2016.12.29
Musosis Desktop Music Player