Custom Software & Database Design – web, mobile, desktop
As a leading custom software and database developer in Melbourne, I develop customised business systems across web, mobile and desktop. My clients are small-to-medium-sized organisations based in Australia and across the globe.

By turning ideas, excel spreadsheets, and user stories into robust, scalable, integrated, and user-friendly business databases, I help my clients achieve improvements in productivity and growth. My capabilities as a customized software designer include :

Business requirements review
Project planning and management
System design & integration
Data migration
3rd Party Integration
Unit and System testing
Onsite & remote support & maintenance
User training
Technologies used
My agility and versatility sets me apart from many other database designers in Australia. With the business landscape constantly evolving, I stay ahead of my competition by incorporating new and emerging technologies into the systems I build. This includes iPad, mobile handsets, and barcode scanners. I also utilise API with dynamic search capabilities including social media, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Google maps, etc.

The technologies I prefer to use are :

Web application technology (ASP.net 4.0, Telerik) to deliver browser based line of business systems.
Mobile website development (ASP.net 4.0, Telerik, HTML5) to provide enterprise level integrated mobility solutions to your business.
Desktop systems (MS Access 2007, 2010, 2012) to build rich, interactive , fast interfaces for your database.
Types of Systems
When you hire me, you are working with a Melbourne based custom software developer who has built :

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
Sales & order management systems
Stock control, inventory & supply chain management
Resource/staff/contractor management
Business process automation
Accounting & billing systems
Quoting system
Automated email integration
Sports Management
Distribution & logistics
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